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Resurrection Eggs Printable

Resurrection Eggs Printable thumbnail

When I was making my Mr. & Mrs. Egg Head Printables, Riley asked me if it was for a birthday and I said, "No, it's for Easter." She then asked me what Easter was for, and I told her it was for Jesus. Her next question was, "It's Jesus' birthday?" I, then proceeded to botched [...]

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FREE Dapper Easter Printables

FREE Dapper Easter Printables thumbnail

You know me...I can't resist a good mustache printable. I'm completely in LOVE with these cute Dapper Easter Printables! They were a breeze to make, using my Silhouette. I know Santa usually gets milk and cookies, but I thought it was unfair that the Easter Bunny only got carrots. If given a choice between cookies [...]


FREE Carrot Patch Printables

FREE Carrot Patch Printables thumbnail

I shared this adorable Carrot Patch Printable on Craftaholics Anonymous earlier this week! It's an easy and inexpensive gift you can stick in your kids' Easter Baskets!


Little Pilot Plane Party {On a Budget}

Little Pilot Plane Party {On a Budget} thumbnail

I'm so excited to finally post my son's Little Pilot Plane Party! My little guy turned 3 in February...so of course he loves all things with wheels, but he really loves PLANES!! He will pick up anything and it will become a plane. Usually it's a fighter jet making crashing noises. I had a lot [...]


Being Sick Has Taught Me 5 Things…

My blog has been neglected this week...and I have a good reason. I started out the week in the ER with a massive ear infection (gross, I know) and I didn't start feeling okay until today. And I'm really just feeling okay. It pretty much sucks and I'm going crazy being stuck at home, but [...]