“Despicable Me” Birthday Party

My baby boy just turned one.  It’s always a bitter sweet day on the first birthday.  It’s so exciting to see him learn and grow…and it’s sad that I don’t have a baby anymore!  Max has been such a blessing to our family, so I had to give him a party that he loved.  This kid is wild.  He seriously NEVER, EVER stops moving…unless he’s watching Despicable Me.  He will sit through the whole movie, and he laughs and smiles through it.  It’s adorable…and kind of a life saver at times.

My husband had the idea of making a cake of a Minion from the movie…but I’m kind of a sucker for the red velvet my mom makes…that that icing does not work well with cake decorating.  So, I decided to have my cake and eat it too…with Red Velvet Cake for the grown ups…and GIANT Minion cupcakes for the kids.  They went CRAZY for the cupcakes.  Max woke up from his nap and immediately had to have one.

Hilary has created a tutorial for how to make these babies.  If you have a boy…I highly recommend this.  They’re too cute and it was really fun.  I’ve never decorated cakes before…and I could do it (okay…Hilary’s turned out way better, but still, they were cute).

For the Red Velvet Cake, I decided to decorate it with Pinwheels…another super easy craft and I have the FREE printables for you to download. I just cut inward from the corners, super glued the corners to the middle, added a pom and glued them to a cookie stick (I didn’t make them spin…because I wanted it to be EASY!)


I also copied my previous paper craft for Valentine’s Day and made new printables.  I would offer these for free…but well, they have Max’s name on them and any other way just wouldn’t make sense…but fun, right?  My husband joked that the one on the right says “Max is Flipping the Bird.”  Minions only have 3 fingers, so there was little I could do about that.

The kids LOVED the cupcakes…and everyone had a blast…especially Max!

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    Erin- thanks so much for linking up to my Pity Party. What a cute party! And Max has great taste! Despicable Me is one of my absolute favorites. 😉


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