10 Favorite Fashion Trends {Summer 2012}

This summer’s fashion trends are so exciting because they are all about bright colors, fun prints, personality, and just about anything goes! Here are my 10 favorite trends for summer 2012.


Colored jeans are still a huge hit this Summer, as well as patterned pants! Yes, we’re talking bold prints like floral, stripes, leopard, snake skin, or polka dots. A pair of floral skinny jeans is on my current wish list. No, I think I actually need them.

Not-blue jeansSources: 1, 2, 3

Tribal prints can be anything from Aztec to leopard to chevron. My favorite is the Native American patterns. But any random, bold, geometric print is a fun choice in your blouse, dress, or maxi.Tribal and Geometric Patterns

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Neon is back! But ohhhh no, not like the 80’s did it. Rather as a fun pop of color. Try mixing pastels or neutrals with your neon piece to tone it down. Wearing your neon with gold metals instead of silver will give a classier look. My favorite way to add neon is through accessories.. but it is also darling in a cardigan, skirt, or other piece of clothing.Neon

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I am obsessed with these hues right now! I love: sherbet orange, melon, mint green, turquoise, sea foam, coral, blush pink, etc. Try one of those colors in your blouse, shoes, or a pair of sassy colored skinny jeans.

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Wear a metallic in place of a neutral this summer! Metallic sandals, glitter heels, sequined tanks, metallic shorts, etc. Have you tried the color rose gold or copper in your jewelry? You should. It’s a fun alternative to the traditional silver or gold.Metallics

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Are still in. Stripes and/or polka dots seem to go with everything, and are both a great option when incorporating the “print on print” trend that is so huge right now. I.E. Pair a striped shirt with a floral pencil skirt. Stripes or polkas are also perfectly paired with a colored short or skinny jean for an instant trendy look.Stripes and Polkadots

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This fine feathered friend is sure popular right now! Not only in jewelry, but in printed fabrics as well. I love this tooooo cute trend.Birds

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Have you noticed the color orange, everywhere? Well, Pantone’s “color of the year” is Tangerine Tango. But with all bright colors being in style right now, you don’t have to stick with just orange… Any bright color goes. And color blocking is still a go this summer!Bright Colors

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Maxi skirts and maxi dresses are still very popular, and so versatile. Dress them up or dress them down, because they are an every-day type of fashion trend.Maxi Skirts

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The extra touch your summer outfit may need is a statement necklace! And you don’t have to be dressing up for a nice occasion to pull off a bold necklace. Try wearing one with shorts and a tank, or with your maxi dress.Statement Necklaces

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Pictured below I’m wearing two trends, polka dots and neon accessories. And I’ve gotta admit that I now have a huge. crush. on. neon! So now that you know which trends I’ll be sporting all season, tell me what YOUR favorites are this summer?

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    • Rachelle says

      Oh yes, I also adore the stacking bracelets trend! Or layering my necklaces. It’s a fun way to incorporate “old” jewelry with newer pieces.

  1. says

    Woah! I’m loving bubblegum pink and turquoise for my pants and skirts. And yeah, I also enjoy stacking bracelets, it makes a big fashion statement. Fashion is love. :)

    • Rachelle says

      I have pink pants and would love a pair of turquoise! I also want yellow, and am going to DIY a pair of them soon. :) P.S. Yes, fashion IS love… amen, sister! <3

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