Fourth of July Meal Plan

I don’t usually eat a burger, a brat, and a steak…but it is the Fourth of July…–Jim Gaffigan

That quote is the inspiration for my Fourth of July meal. This meal is not for the faint of heart…seriously…if you have a faint heart, don’t eat this.  The menu includes:

Bratwurst Bites (my favorite part of the meal…these were so tastey!)
Spicy Coleslaw Sliders (with cilantro, lime, and honey flavored slaw)
Teriyaki Kabobs (one of my favorite meals my mom makes)
“Find the Bacon” Salad Wraps (another recipe inspired by Jim)

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  1. […]  You can just pick them up and eat them.  In fact, we didn’t even need silverware for this entire meal!  They’re so easy to make and YUMMY!  The possibilities with this salad are endless, but […]

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