American Flag Cookie Tutorial by Sweet Sugarbelle

Once again, I’m more than thrilled to have Callye as a guest on Strawberry Mommycakes.  She created this tutorial just in time for the Fourth!  Be sure to check out our other Fourth of July posts for everything you need for the Celebrations (including FREE printables)!

Cookies are the perfect addition to any party. With the Fourth of July coming up, these simple sweeties are sure to please a crowd.

To make American flag cookies you will need:

  • White royal icing for piping {about the consistency of toothpaste)
  • A small amount of white flood icing, about the consistency of shampoo
  • Red flood icing
  • Blue flood icing

Begin by outlining the cookie. The easiest way is to pipe around the circle first, and then use the icing to divide the cookie in half. Then, divide the top section in half again. Leave the top quarter section clear, and add stripes to the rest. Working in sections will help keep the stripes even.

Let the outline dry a bit, the fill the top corner section with blue flood icing then quickly drop in dots using white icing while the blue is still wet.

Next use red flood icing to fill in every other stripe.

Let the red dry completely and fill the remaining stripes with white. After they are completely dry, they should look like this:

For a wonderful basic sugar cookie and royal icing recipe, along with tons of other helpful tips, be sure to visit my site, The Sweet Adventures of SugarBelle.

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