Princess Party on a Budget

Princess Party on a Budget

I love throwing parties and planning parties, but I have to be very budget conscientious…especially since I’m usually the hostess and I don’t get paid.

I usually have a few months to plan…that way I can collect items that I like and not have to spend a ton at once. For this party…that wasn’t the case. My sister-in-law didn’t want to make me do anything for my niece’s party because she knows how busy I am, but it just so happened that I was designing a princess printable set and she was planning to make a Rapunzel cake…so we definitely had to collaborate for another fantastic party!  Also, we didn’t want to spend a lot of money, so I came up with the idea to have a “Princess Printable Party!” 

Princess Party on a Budget


This party is seriously a great idea for little girls. I created necklaces, bracelets, wands and crowns using my Fairy Tale Princess Printables…and they’re so fun!  My daughter has been playing with them ever since and she looks fabulous in them :) I also didn’t want to spend money on more display pieces, so I made these boxes (also included in the printable set!) Also check out pictures of the girls in their Printable Attire.

Princess Party on a Budget

I created 6 different princesses for this set: Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty (from Beauty and the Beast), Frog Princess, Rapunzel, and Cinderella.  My favorite from this set?  It’s actually Cindrella…I love the crown in it! You can dress up each girl in different princess outfits, or everyone can be the same princess…that’s the beauty of this party…it’s so easy to customize for your little princess.

Princess Party on a Budget

Of course, Hilary’s cake was a fabulous touch…this cake is RED VELVET people!  Using REAL red velvet icing…not cream cheese frosting.  It’s really hard to work with, but Hilary can do wonders with this frosting! We used a character printout for the cake topper. My kit includes every princess, so you can add any princess you’d like!

Princess Party on a Budget

So, a breakdown of the expenses…you will need:

Princess Printable Kit– $18 (if you don’t want it to be customized, visit for instant download. It’s $15 instead)
Card Stock (I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mohawk 100 lb. smooth cover)-$13 for 500 pages
Craft Scissors– $6-12
Paper Trimmer– $30
2″ Hole Punch– $15
3″ Hole Punch (Mine is scalloped)- $15
1″ Hole Punch– $10
Hot Glue Gun and Glue– $6
12″ Wooden Dowels for Wands- $2
Ribbon- $2.50 each (I got 6 colors)

I’m assuming most of you are crafters, so you should have the trimmer, scissors and hot glue gun on hand…if not, collect these things over time and you’ll be set! Also, check out my other favorite party tools. As far as the party goes, you’ll have to pay for the cake and a couple of display vases (mine cost $10 each at Hobby Lobby), a table cloth and some fabric (Tulle is usually about $1-$3 a yard) and water bottles. I had mostly everything already, so this party cost me about $30-$40…not bad, right?  So my best piece of advice?  Start stocking up on your craft supplies and plan ahead…and buy printables!  It’s the best way to dress up a party :)

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