Chick Flick Movie Night

Sometimes when I’m feeling run down…I just need a night with the girls. My husband was out of town for the weekend, so this was the perfect time to throw a Chick Flick Movie Night!  It was seriously so fun!!!


Chick Flick Party Printables

I designed this printable set based on some movie Starlets from the 50’s and 60’s.  I chose Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, Doris Day and Audrey Hepburn. Set includes invitations, games, cupcake wrappers, tent cards, straw flags, pillow boxes, and much more! You’ll have everything you need to pull off the perfect movie night party. Press the button below to add the printable set to your cart.


Chick Flick Party Printables

I wanted to create a movie theater feel, without the stinky movie theater carpet (seriously, why is there carpet in movie theaters…so gross!) We had movie candy (dots, red vines, junior mints, etc), buttered popcorn, sodas, and the added bonus of cupcakes!! Instead of using paper plates, which I think are annoying to eat with because everything slides off, I made large boxes…just like a theater.  They were super handy and way cuter than paper plates. Everything fit perfectly in these little boxes (which are included in my printable set).


Chick Flick Party Printables

Doris Day is my favorite…her movies are ADORABLE and hilarious, so we watched Pillow Talk. I was surprised that most people I invited hadn’t seen it, but everyone LOVED it…definitely a MUST SEE. During the movie, we played “Chick Flick Bingo.” It has things on it like first kiss, dancing, singing…you know…all the chick flick criteria.


Printables and Styling: Yours Truly! You can purchase the printables here on my website, from my etsy store, or purchase the instant download from MYGRAFICO
French Square Plastic Bottles: Shop Sweet Lulu
Solid Pink Straws: Shop Sweet Lulu
Decor (fabric, love sign, apothecary jars): Hobby Lobby
Large Bowl: Crate & Barrel

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  1. Alisa says

    This is such a cute Idea!. I just have one question. How did you get the frosting color so rich. Do you have a color recipe for it. I have tried to achieve a dark color with frosting and have been very unsucsessful. Any tips!


    • Erin says

      Alisa- I wish I could tell you, but my sister-in-law made these. She said she kept adding pink coloring and I know she uses Wilton colors, so hopefully that helps a little!


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