HOOT! Owl Birthday Party on a Budget

HOOT! Owl Birthday Party on www.strawberrymommycakes.com

How stinking cute it this Owl Birthday Party? I created these printables a while ago, but I knew the display I designed didn’t do these justice. Creating displays like this is a lot of work, but I’m so happy with the way this turned out! This party is also budget friendly, like my DinoMite and Princess parties.

HOOT! Owl Birthday Party on www.strawberrymommycakes.com


I purchased a thin wood board for my backdrop and painted it and sponged on polkadots.  It cost about $12 total and I can use it for every party…all I need to do is repaint it! I love that I can attach banners to it without worrying about the adhesives stripping the paint on my walls.

I purchased my scalloped cake stand from Pick Your Plum for $7 and these can be repainted, as well.

Everything else was creating using my Owl Birthday Party printables that are only $15. My favorite things are the acorn treat boxes and owl masks.  My kids loved the owl characters! Click on the link below to purchase or go to my Etsy Shop:

HOOT! Owl Birthday Party on www.strawberrymommycakes.com


I try to be realistic when making party food.  I don’t want to slave away the day in the kitchen, so I made really easy party treats! We had cupcakes, cake (using the same mix in a 9X9 pan and the rest went in a cupcake pan), oreo pops and my favorite, chocolate pretzels shaped like owls (Check out the Tutorial)! Cost of food was about $12…seriously!

HOOT! Owl Birthday Party on www.strawberrymommycakes.com


Printables: Strawberry Mommycakes
Cake Stand: Pick Your Plum
Party Supplies (cookie sticks, treat bags): Hobby Lobby
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  1. […] I discovered Pick Your Plum not too long ago and I already have to refrain from buying something from them EVERY DAY! Let me tell you a little bit about what they do…Every weekday, they send you an email for their latest deal, which usually includes party and craft supplies, home decor, baking supplies and more!  Everything is usually at least half price. They hold the sale all day, or until everything is gone (which happens a lot!!) I purchased these scalloped cake stands and used them in my Owl Party! […]

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