Love Bug Printables

Love Bug Printables on #valentineprintables

I’m so excited to be apart of the 2014 Craftaholics Anonymous Creative Team! For my first post, I’m sharing this adorable FREE Love Bug Printables…the perfect little gift for Valentines Day!

I’m not sure why I chose to create bug printables…because I have an irrational fear of them. Now I live in Arizona and I’ve got lovely bugs like Children of the Earth (I would send you a link, but they are terrifying) and Scorpions. A couple months ago, my son was lying in some pillows…I got him out, turned the one over that was on top of him and a big ol’ scorpion was sitting there. Scariest moment of my life. He was on the pillow, so I couldn’t smack it with a shoe…so like a rational person, I sucked it up in the vacuum, let him spin for about 20 minutes, sprayed bug spray down my spout, plugged it up with a washcloth and put the vacuum outside until my husband came home 3 hours later. It did the trick, because that sucker was DEAD by the time he got home.

Yeah, so scorpions aren’t included in my cute bug printables for that reason. You’ll find cuddly bees and butterflies…much more my speed.

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  1. Jennifer says

    Super cute!! Thanks for your time and creative energy. I appreciate that you make them available to everyone and not just “fans” of social media.

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