Staying Cool in the Summer with Fruttare

Staying Cool in the Summer with Fruttare on #frozenfruitbars #summer

I think I’ve mentioned this in every post this summer, but it’s BLAZING hot in AZ. That’s why I’m Staying Cool with Fruttare this summer! These frozen fruit bars are ridiculously delicious and make my job as a mom that much easier. Because, let’s face it…being a mom is tough!

I have countless stories of my kids pushing my buttons, making messes (don’t even get me started on cleaning a toilet after a 3 year old boy goes potty…ugh), throwing fits, and not letting me sleep in past 5:00 am. My oldest is almost 5 and I could write a gigantic novel on their shenanigans. I know that the annoyances and messes are not going to end any time soon, but I’m okay with that. It’s cliche to say so, but I really wouldn’t trade ANY of it. They’ve made me stronger, smarter, sometimes sneakier and just a better, well rounded person. I guess I needed to become an even better person, because this is happening:

Staying Cool in the Summer with Fruttare on #frozenfruitbars #summer #itsallgood #sponsor

And this is how we feel about it:

Staying Cool in the Summer with Fruttare on #frozenfruitbars #summer #itsallgood #sponsor

Baby number 3 is coming January 2015! Totally unexpected, but we’re really happy and anxiously waiting to welcome this new life!

Staying Cool in the Summer with Fruttare on #frozenfruitbars #summer

I’m really anxiously waiting because I have been super sick through the first trimester and I’ve pretty much been living off of my Fruttare fruit bars. They are SOOOO good. They’re so creamy and taste JUST like fruit (probably because they’re made with REAL fruit juice). Mango is my favorite flavor, but you can choose from Lime (shown), Strawberry, Black Cherry and Pineapple. They also make really delicious fruit and milk bars in a variety of flavors…my husband LOVES them.

Staying Cool in the Summer with Fruttare on #frozenfruitbars #summer

…and you can tell the kiddos really enjoy them too :) Fruttare is recognized as a brand synonymous with a positive outlook on life…and things are definitely brighter for me because of them!

I think these would be a great treat for parties, plus the colors are beautiful! I put them in cellophane bags and tied them with bakers twine. You have to work fast so they don’t melt, but I love the way they look and it was really easy to do. I then placed them in a glass bowl filled with ice. Staying Cool in the Summer with Fruttare on #frozenfruitbars #summerFruttare Frozen Fruit Bars are available at retailers nationwide. For more information on Fruttare Fruit Bars, check out

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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