Chloe + Isabel Statement Necklace GIVEAWAY!

Chloe + Isabel Statement Necklace Giveaway on

I have been eyeing everything from Chloe + Isabel since the day I saw their jewelry, so I’m excited to be giving away this GORGEOUS Statement Necklace today! I was introduced to Chloe + Isabel by my aunt (I feel weird calling her that because she’s pretty much my age). Lisa and I have only met through Facebook, but she’s still one of my favorite people! You can find her selling jewelry and on her blog Undomesticated Bliss (she’s hilarious and at the same time incredibly insightful…you have to check it out)!

Chloe + Isabel Statement Necklace Giveaway on

A little about Lisa:

I’m Lisa. I’m a wife, mom, friend, and attempter of crafts/DIY projects that decided to blog! I’ve got a hard working, funny, smart and handsome husband and four sweet, crazy, sometimes naughty, always amazing kids that keep me super busy. So when I’m not out of my mind trying to keep up with them, I’m online looking for new ideas for my home or trying to find recipes that will please at least almost everyone in the house (I seriously give up on one of them…I won’t name names), trying to build a little jewlery business on the side and documenting it all on here.

Here are some of my favorite Chloe + Isabel items

Chloe + Isabel Jewelry on

Chloe + Isabel Jewelry on

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