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FREE Dapper Easter Printables

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You know me...I can't resist a good mustache printable. I'm completely in LOVE with these cute Dapper Easter Printables! They were a breeze to make, using my Silhouette. I know Santa usually gets milk and cookies, but I thought it was unfair that the Easter Bunny only got carrots. If given a choice between cookies [...]

Mr. & Mrs. Egg Head Easter Printables

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When my kids saw these Mr. & Mrs. Egg Head Easter Printables, my kids literally squealed in delight. I've made a lot of printables...but I've never seen them so excited over something I created. They played with them for over an hour (and no breaks...quite the feat for a 4 and 3 year old!) I [...]

FREE Easter Bunny Boxes

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These bunny boxes are the cutest things ever! Head over to I Heart Nap Time to download and for the instructions! Also, make sure you check out my free FROZEN printables from last week...and don't forget to try out the BEST cleaning product ever!

Easter Hors D’oeuvres Party

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I usually throw dessert parties, and they're awesome and beautiful...but sometimes I'm left with tons of desserts and I end up eating ALL of it! I have a big problem...which is why I decided to go easy on the pastries and chocolate for this party. I threw this party for my family (hubby, kids and [...]

Pet Easter Bunny Printables

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Because it's Easter and it's one of my favorite holidays...I'm sharing these adorable printables over on I Heart Naptime, along with a step by step guide :) On another note, I'm almost moved in and I love my house and the kitchen is you'll be seeing lots of new recipes and concoctions on the [...]

Easter Egg Cookie Tutorial by Sweet Sugarbelle thumbnail

I'm so excited about our guest post today!  Callye is the owner and cookie genius behind Sweet Sugarbelle.  She made my daughter Spongebob and Patrick cookies last year and I actually saved two because I couldn't bear to eat them (but I did manage to eat like a dozen of them...)  Welcome Callye!   Lots [...]

Easter Dinner

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My husband was gone all last week.  When he got home on Friday night, he comes in and asks "Are we having Easter dinner tomorrow?"  But, for some reason, he wasn't surprised that we had Easter Dinner...on St. Patrick's Day...for lunch (I have to do it during the day for pictures).  Poor guy.  Well, not [...]

Easter Printables

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I'm offering these Easter Printables for FREE!  Includes place settings (4), Happy Easter tags (4), and borders (4).   DOWNLOAD The table looked so great with these.  I bought most of the decorations from Pier One and the ribbons and accents from Hobby Lobby.  My gorgeous white plates are from Crate & Barrel. Check out [...]

Ham, Cheese and Potato Biscuits

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This "Cowboy Biscuit" recipe is near and dear to my heart. It comes from one of my mom's oldest cookbooks and every time I make them, they remind me of home. The first time she made these (that I remember) we were on a picnic and I instantly fell in love with them. The biscuits [...]

Free Printables

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