Resurrection Eggs Printable

Resurrection Eggs Printable on #freeprintables #easterprintables #resurrectioneggs

When I was making my Mr. & Mrs. Egg Head Printables, Riley asked me if it was for a birthday and I said, “No, it’s for Easter.” She then asked me what Easter was for, and I told her it was for Jesus. Her next question was, “It’s Jesus’ birthday?” I, then proceeded to botched an explanation of why we have Easter Eggs for Jesus, because it really doesn’t make sense to me either. To redeem myself from my parenting fail, I decided to have a Family Home Evening dedicated to the true meaning behind Easter and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Resurrection Eggs Printable on #freeprintables #easterprintables #resurrectioneggs

The resurrection can be really deep (and let’s face it, gory) for a 4 and 3 year old, so I LOVED the idea of doing “Resurrection Eggs.” I glued a number flower to 12 eggs and placed an item in each egg that represents a part of the story. Here’s what you’ll place in each egg:

  • ONE: include a leaf to represent the people waving palm leaves as Jesus entered Jerusalem (explain that people used to wave palm leaves only at KINGS during this time)
  • TWO: a piece of cloth with perfume on it represents the woman that poured perfume on Jesus’ head (she did this because she knew he was Christ and that he would die soon)
  • THREE: a piece of bread (to represent the Last Supper)
  • FOUR: a picture of Jesus or of your family to show that he suffered in Gethsemane for each one of us
  • FIVE: three dimes to represent the betrayal of Judas
  • SIX: a piece of purple cloth or paper to represent the purple robe the guards placed on Jesus to mock him (purple was a color that represented royalty)
  • SEVEN: a cross made out of toothpicks, or a paper cross to represent the cross Jesus was crucified on
  • EIGHT: a nail to show they nailed Jesus to the cross
  • NINE: a piece of paper that says “The King of the Jews”…another way the guards mocked Jesus
  • TEN: a bundle of spices wrapped in fabric or in a plastic bag to represent the women that put spices on Jesus’ body in the tomb
  • ELEVEN: a round stone to represent the rock that sealed His tomb
  • TWELVE: leave empty to represent His resurrection

You can definitely be creative with this and you don’t even have to leave your house for most of these items. To make the flowers, I just printed out my FREE printables, cut them out with a 2″ scalloped hole punch and glued them to the top of plastic eggs.

Download the FREE Printables HERE

Resurrection Eggs Printable on #freeprintables #easterprintables #resurrectioneggs

We also had a special dinner of waffles with nutella, strawberries and bananas (no symbolism here…I just really love waffles) and made a “tomb fort.” It sounds weird, but my kids really liked it! My daughter LOVED this Easter lesson using Resurrection Eggs. While some things went way over her head, I’m glad I could start the discussion for the true meaning behind Easter :)

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FREE Dapper Easter Printables

FREE Dapper Easter Printables on #freeprintables #freeeasterprintables #easter #easterideas

You know me…I can’t resist a good mustache printable. I’m completely in LOVE with these cute Dapper Easter Printables! They were a breeze to make, using my Silhouette. I know Santa usually gets milk and cookies, but I thought it was unfair that the Easter Bunny only got carrots. If given a choice between cookies and carrots, I will choose cookies EVERY TIME.

In case you were wondering, I bought these cute Irish Coffee mugs at World Market a while ago for only $2 each. I may have bought like 20, but whatever.

FREE Dapper Easter Printables on #freeprintables #freeeasterprintables #easter #easterideas

To make these, you will need:

  • My FREE Dapper Easter printables, PDF version or Silhouette
  • Heavy Card Stock
  • Scissors or Silhouette
  • 2″ Round Hole punch or Silhouette
  • Glitter Ribbon
  • Paper Straws
  • Glue Gun
  • Removable Glue Dots

FREE Dapper Easter Printables on #freeprintables #freeeasterprintables #easter #easterideas

  1. First, print out the printables and cut out the mustache with scissors and cut out the drink tags with a round circle punch…or make your life easier and use your Silhouette!
  2. Next, glue the photo props and little mustaches to the straws.
  3. Wrap ribbon around the glass and either tie it in the back or hold it in place with glue dots.
  4. Use hot glue to attach the round drink tags to the ribbon.

FREE Dapper Easter Printables on #freeprintables #freeeasterprintables #easter #easterideas

Fill your glasses with milk and make some cookies…your Easter Bunny will thank you!


FREE Carrot Patch Printables

FREE Carrot Patch Printables on #freeprintables #easterprintables

I shared this adorable Carrot Patch Printable on Craftaholics Anonymous earlier this week! It’s an easy and inexpensive gift you can stick in your kids’ Easter Baskets!


Little Pilot Plane Party {On a Budget}

Little Pilot Plane Party on a Budget on #planeparty #partyonabudget #partyprintables #planeprintables

I’m so excited to finally post my son’s Little Pilot Plane Party! My little guy turned 3 in February…so of course he loves all things with wheels, but he really loves PLANES!! He will pick up anything and it will become a plane. Usually it’s a fighter jet making crashing noises.

I had a lot help for this party from my sister-in-law, Hilary and my mom (aka, the babysitter). It was so much fun to be around all the cousins again…the kids had a blast! Plus, I created this party on a very tight budget (after Christmas and 3 consecutive birthdays in our family, we’re always squeezing by this time of year!)


Little Pilot Plane Party on a Budget on #planeparty #partyonabudget #partyprintables #planeprintables

I decided to have this party at the park this year. I have never had an outdoor party and it comes with it’s own difficulties. You can’t tell by the pictures, but it was WINDY!!! I hadn’t planned on that and my balloons had to be tied to the side of the table…I was pretty bummed, but I still like the way it turned out.

I also used my trusty cake stand that I use at almost every party (Dinomite, Cowgirl, When I Grow Up). I haven’t even had to repaint it…it’s that trusty! I made it using this tutorial from Bee in Our Bonnet. Okay, my husband made it, but it’s still my favorite cake stand ever.

Little Pilot Plane Party on a Budget on #planeparty #partyonabudget #partyprintables #planeprintables

Besides that, most of my decor is made from my Little Pilot Printables. I absolutely LOVE this printable set. The cupcake toppers are my pride and joy with the cute little pilot and propeller. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again; using printables is the easiest and cutest way to make your party budget friendly. I even made my display boxes to hold the cookies and marshmallows! By the way, I made the color scheme very similar to Disney’s Planes on purpose ;) My favorite things in this printable set:

  • The flying cupcake toppers! You can purchase the PDF here or the Silhouette Files here
  • The invite…just love the way it turned out :)
  • The “Max is Going Places” luggage tags and popcorn boxes
  • The mini gable boxes
  • The plane masks

It’s all my favorite, but those are the highlights! My kids are kind of immune to my parties, but my friend’s son was so excited about all the printables…it was too cute!


Little Pilot Plane Party on a Budget on #planeparty #partyonabudget #partyprintables #planeprintables

I love my nephew’s photobomb…and the fact that his hat is on backwards :)

I didn’t want to have to make my treats too involved this time around, so we had chocolate mint marshmallows, lemon cupcakes (soooo good!), snickerdoodle cookies, and store bought pop corn and trail mix. I’m a big fan of making things elaborate, but sometimes you have to give yourself a break. Plus, the kids devoured everything! Since I made most things and pop corn and trail mix is really cheap, I saved a ton of money on food by doing it myself (and by myself, I mean myself and Hilary).

The hardest part was the snickerdoodle cookies…while I think they look AMAZING…they were really hard to cut out. I had to cut them out before I baked them and after…it was a hard process, but I was determined. I would go with a sugar cookie recipe next time, but I’m horrible at baking and I know I can make snickerdoodles. I made a printable box, put some Styrofoam in the box, glued the cookies to cake pop sticks with chocolate and stuck them in the Styrofoam. I used Easter grass to cover up the styrofoam. I won’t be doing this again anytime soon, but I really do love the way it looks!

Little Pilot Plane Party on a Budget on #planeparty #partyonabudget #partyprintables #planeprintables

I’m so glad I threw this party for my little man. He is seriously the cutest thing and is bursting with energy every second of the day. He’s hilarious, a total boy that loves to get into trouble (and dirt). Love this guy and so grateful to have him in my life! To see Max’s Party from last year, click here!


Party Printables and Styling: Strawberry Mommycakes
I Love Planes T Shirt: Cantaloupe Corner
Photography: Hilary Stailey Photography

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Being Sick Has Taught Me 5 Things…

My blog has been neglected this week…and I have a good reason. I started out the week in the ER with a massive ear infection (gross, I know) and I didn’t start feeling okay until today. And I’m really just feeling okay. It pretty much sucks and I’m going crazy being stuck at home, but I know I need to get rest to feel better. SO while there won’t be many new crafty posts the next couple of weeks, I have learned something from all this:

My Kids Would Be Serial Killers Without Me

The last day that I felt really bad, my kids went Ca-RAZY. Running into the street, hitting, fighting, throwing fits, you name it. For some weird reason that made me feel loved…annoyed, but loved. I started ordering them around when I felt better and made them pick up their toys and it made a huge difference in their demeanor. Being a mean mom has its perks!

I Suffer from Craft Envy

I am getting so jealous looking at everyone’s craft Easter posts. I had so many plans and I know I won’t be able to get them done on time. Boo!

I Like to Switch Things Up in Bed

As in, I like to sleep on my left side, right side, back, stomach…get your mind out of the gutter, people. I got an ear infection in my right ear and I could only sleep on my left side…so my left side needs a break already!

SAY 8!

If you need to go to a hospital, know that they will leave you sitting there for hours on end unless you speak up. Ever seen Brian Reagan’s “Say 8!” skit? Well, it’s incredibly accurate. My husband had to tell them to come help me after , they waited an hour, came to help me…told me they couldn’t help me until I balled like a baby, then waited four more hours to actually help me. The last doctor I saw was amazing and gave me a drug that totally knocked me out and I will be forever grateful to him. I just wish his shift had started 6 hours earlier.

Also, I learned another fun little tid bit. My ENT cleaned out my ear…excruciating, right? And then he told me he had to poke another hole in my eardrum to get all the fluid in my ear out. He told me that it would feel like getting stabbed so I braced myself and if I had known what it felt like to get stabbed, I would have been a lot more scared. So, I also learned what it feels like to be stabbed in the ear.

My Family is Awesome

I know I always say that, but I was literally in awe of them. My husband spent over 6 hours in the hospital with me AND two restless and scared kids. The night before that, he stayed up with me all night talking about his 2 year mission to distract me from the pain. My mom drove six hours to be here and did EVERYTHING for a whole week. Dishes, laundry, took care of the kids…she even mopped! If I hadn’t been in pain, I would have felt like I was on vacation.

All joking aside…this week was really hard and I’m glad it’s over. I’m grateful that I have a body that was healthy enough to combat this and grateful for an amazing support system of friends and family. Thank you everyone that helped out!


Mr. & Mrs. Egg Head Easter Printables

Mr. & Mrs. Egg Head Easter Printables on #freeprintables #eastereggprintables #easterprintables #easter

When my kids saw these Mr. & Mrs. Egg Head Easter Printables, my kids literally squealed in delight. I’ve made a lot of printables…but I’ve never seen them so excited over something I created. They played with them for over an hour (and no breaks…quite the feat for a 4 and 3 year old!) I will definitely be making these for the real Easter morning.

These are very detailed, so while you CAN cut these out with scissors…I would recommend using a Silhouette Cameo. I use it for almost every project and I’ve included the Silhouette download for FREE!

Mr. & Mrs. Egg Head Easter Printables on #freeprintables #eastereggprintables #easterprintables #easter

To create these, you will need:

Hard boil your eggs ahead of time. Make sure they cool off. They need to be room temperature in order for the glue to stick. Meanwhile, print and cut out the Mr. & Mrs. Egg Head printables. Once eggs are cool, you can use hot glue to stick them to the eggs, or if you want the kids to help, use permanent glue dots.

***PLEASE NOTE: I have kept these in the refrigerator overnight and the hot glue is still sticking. I can’t make any guarantees on the glue dots because I haven’t tried it. I would recommend testing one out before you make a dozen of these!

Mr. & Mrs. Egg Head Easter Printables on #freeprintables #eastereggprintables #easterprintables #easter

Hope you have fun with these!!!

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FREE Easter Bunny Boxes

FREE Easter Bunny Boxes on #freeprintables #freeeasterprintable #easterbunnyprintable

These bunny boxes are the cutest things ever! Head over to I Heart Nap Time to download and for the instructions!

Also, make sure you check out my free FROZEN printables from last week…and don’t forget to try out the BEST cleaning product ever!


I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for #CollectiveBias and its advertiser.

"Frozen" Waffle Party with FREE printables on #FROZENfun #collectivebias #frozen #frozenparty #freeprintables

I am the mother of a 4 year old girl…therefore, I know everything there is to know about Disney’s latest animated movie, FROZEN. I know every single word to every single song…and I’m proud, because the music is amazing. Actually, everything about that movie is amazing. My family usually has to drag me to an animated movie (again, I have kids…I’m tired of animated movies), but it was honestly one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. I almost cried when I heard “Let it Go” the first time…it’s THAT good.

"Frozen" Waffle Party with FREE printables on #FROZENfun #collectivebias #frozen #frozenparty #freeprintables

But, you all probably know that…and you’re probably here because you’re amazingly excited for my Free FROZEN Printables. Am I right? My printables include: an Anna Crown, an Elsa Crown, Sven antlers, Olaf mask, snowflake cut outs (I used them as wands and to decorate the wall by the banner), straw flags and a FROZEN banner! Read on for the download link!


"Frozen" Waffle Party with FREE printables on #FROZENfun #collectivebias #frozen #frozenparty #freeprintables

I love a big party, but sometimes it’s nice to play things low key. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars and spend hours in the kitchen for the kids to have a good time. I made delicious AND healthy Eggo Waffles topped with vanilla yogurt, strawberries, blueberries and my homemade chocolate granola. These took about 10 minutes to make, they’re inexpensive AND the kids love them. They were devoured in minutes and my little piggies had seconds.

"Frozen" Waffle Party with FREE printables on #FROZENfun #collectivebias #frozen #frozenparty #freeprintables

I made these with Eggo’s whole wheat waffles. I always buy the giant box (20 waffles for less than $4). You can find them in the frozen food aisle in the breakfast section at Walmart. The strawberries and blueberries matched perfectly with the theme, but you can use any fruit you like. I also served blueberry smoothies to drink…because they’re purple and frozen :)

Healthy "Frozen" Waffles at Walmart on #frozen #walmart #FROZENFun #collectivebias

In the words of our guest, Sven…these were “super yummy!”

"Frozen" Waffle Party with FREE printables on #FROZENfun #collectivebias #frozen #frozenparty #freeprintables


I covered the table with a white cloth and then used wrapping paper as a table runner. It’s cute, cheap and easy to clean up! I bought the plastic silverware and plates at Walmart (they have about every color you can think of), filled some apothecary jars with Easter grass and of course, decorated with my FREE printables.

"Frozen" Waffle Party with FREE printables on #FROZENfun #collectivebias #frozen #frozenparty #freeprintables

I also placed some cute FROZEN toys from Walmart on the table. My daughter loves the Disney toddler dolls, so I knew I had to get her one. She loves her new “baby Anna.” She also really likes the Magiclip dolls. They come with two dresses and you just clip them on and off. They’re pretty exciting for a 4 year old. I got a mini Sven plush for my son because it’s adorable…and I felt like my son was neglected!

"Frozen" toys at Walmart on #frozen #walmart #FROZENFun #collectivebias

I had the two “princesses” wear Anna and Elsa dresses. They had a blast and were role playing. I tried to get Riley to sing “Let it Go,” but she wouldn’t because she was Anna. She takes her roles very seriously. Elsa is my friend Tara’s daughter and she belted out “Let it Go” like it was nobody’s business!

"Frozen" Waffle Party with FREE printables on #FROZENfun #collectivebias #frozen #frozenparty #freeprintables


"Frozen" Waffle Party with FREE printables on #FROZENfun #collectivebias #frozen #frozenparty #freeprintables

Just what you’ve been waiting for, right?? I am giving you guys the PDF files AND the Silhouette files! I didn’t use the Silhouette for the banner or straw flags because they’re really easy to cut by hand, but everything else is included in the set.

"Frozen" Waffle Party with FREE printables on #FROZENfun #collectivebias #frozen #frozenparty #freeprintables

Download the PDF File

Download the Silhouette Files

Make sure you download the PDF file instead of printing it straight from the internet for the best quality!

"Frozen" Waffle Party with FREE printables on #FROZENfun #collectivebias #frozen #frozenparty #freeprintables

FROZEN will be on DVD at Walmart on March 18th for only $14.98 (usually $16.98)! I will definitely be one of the first to get this movie for my kids (okay, for me too!) Are you ready for some #FROZENFun? How are you planning to celebrate this movie?

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The Best Cleaning Supplies Ever–purchase today and you have a chance of winning over $70 in free product! #giveaway #cleaning #norwex #bestcleaningsuppliesever

I don’t usually post anything about cleaning, but this product line is too great not to share. Norwex is an eco-friendly cleaning line that I fell in love with a few weeks ago. My friend, Aubrey, invited me to a Norwex party and I was extremely skeptical at first. She let me use some of her supplies over the weekend and I was absolutely FLOORED by the results.

Why was I floored, you ask? Because I used ZERO cleaning solutions. I cleaned my whole house with a couple of microfiber cloths and their amazing mop. Their enviro-cloths are antibacterial and actually kill germs better than using cleaning products. Don’t believe me? Watch this video:

I know…it’s cheesy, but you get the point. Silver is embedded into the microfibers and silver is naturally antibacterial. The microfibers suck up the germs and the silver kills them. It actually works. and they are completely safe to keep around children. Not only are these products completely chemical free and anti-bacterial, they also cut my cleaning time in half. The initial investment seems like a lot, but it actually saves me a lot of money in cleaning supplies. My must-have items from Norwex:

  • Enviro Cloth- These babies will clean everything. I use them in my kitchen and bathrooms the most…but they’re also gentle enough to get stains off the carpet and couch.
  • Window Cloth- This is my very favorite thing. Just get them wet and wipe your windows or stainless steel appliances down….completely streak free and no scrubbing!
  • Mop Collection- I have tile throughout my house, so it’s a huge pain to clean. I love how this mop is really light so my arm isn’t killing me by the time I’m done. It’s really easy to fit it under hard to reach places. It also got my floors really clean and I only used water (and again, no scrubbing!)
  • Bathroom Scrub Mitt- This will be my next purchase! Cleaning my bathroom was a breeze with this. I HATE cleaning the shower, but I just wiped it down on the scrubbing side while I was showering and dried it off with the microfiber when I was done.
  • Toilet Brush System- I didn’t try this, but one of my friends LOVES this. It cleans your toilet without the harsh chemicals and the solution lasts for a year!
  • Enviro Wand- This is the best duster out there. You will be astounded at how much dust this picks up (after you’ve already dusted…lol)
  • Makeup Removal Cloths- I love these because I have super sensitive skin. I like to use them before my face wash at night, but I don’t need any face wash in the morning…so it makes my cleanser last twice as long!

You can wash these like you wash any other towel, but DO NOT use fabric softener! The key to these cloths is the static that picks up all the dirt and dust.

The Best Cleaning Supplies Ever–purchase today and you have a chance of winning over $70 in free product! #giveaway #cleaning #norwex #bestcleaningsuppliesever

And, since Aubrey is so kind…everyone that purchases through my link will be entered to win over $70 in FREE product. So if you purchase a $16 Enviro Cloth, you could get everything in the image above FREE! It includes: Micro Cleaning Pads, Fridge So Fresh Fridge Deodorant, Laundry detergent, a scrub, window cloth, body cloth and an Enviro Cloth.

After you purchase using THIS LINK, come back here and enter your Order Number in the Rafflecopter below. After you do that, you can get more entries by liking Strawberry Mommycakes on Facebook, or following me on twitter, instagram and pinterest. Get 3 extra entries by signing up for my newsletter!

Did I mention you have to use THIS LINK??

Okay…just wanted to make sure you were on your toes ;) a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Disclaimer: I get credit for free product for every purchase through my link. All opinions in this post are entirely mine…but seriously, this stuff is amazing! I can’t say enough good things about this product line.


St. Patrick's Day Cupcake Toppers on #stpatricksdayprintables #printables #freeprintables #stpatricksday

You’re going to love these cute St. Patrick’s Day Printable Cupcake Toppers! I’m sharing them over at Craftaholics Anonymous…so head on over :)