Monster Lunch Notes

Monster Lunch Notes on #natureboxsnacks #CleverGirls

My daughter has been going to school for a month now and we’ve had a few bumps along the way, but we’re finally getting into the hang of things. I made her meals for a week, but then found out she was eating the cafeteria food (which I admit is a little offensive). I still have to get her a snack ready every morning and it’s hard to find a fast snack that’s healthy that my picky daughter will eat. We got our first NatureBox this month and we LOVE all the healthy and tasty snacks!

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Mongolian BBQ Party

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Mongolian BBQ Party made easy with Sam's Club on @SamsClub #TrySamsClub #shop

This Mongolian BBQ Party was THE BEST party I have ever thrown. It had everything…great food, fun, decor, and amazing friends! I was eating at a Mongolian BBQ restaurant and I knew I had to make my own. With the help of Sam’s Club Wholesale, this party was a HUGE success and easy to put together!

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The Cards We Drew Birthday Giveaway

It’s a special day today! We’re celebrating blogger birthdays this week with The Cards We Drew and we’ve rounded up a great group of bloggers and vendors to throw the ultimate birthday bash and party like it’s YOUR birthday! We’re giving away over $950 worth of prizes for three lucky winner (U.S. residents only–sorry). You can enter the giveaway via Rafflecopter below, but first check out the great prizes and bloggers involved and please be sure to read the fine print!

abbey logo

Each blogger picked their own gift card to giveaway…so here’s what’s up for grabs!!

I chose Pottery Barn…what would you choose?

Someday Crafts $15 Chilis Gift Card / The Cards We Drew $15 Home Goods Gift Card / Sweet Tea and Saving Grace $15 Hobby Lobby Gift Card / A Girl and a Glue Gun $15 Home Depot Gift Card / Made to be a Momma $15 Amazon Gift Card / Cupcake Diaries $15 Olive Garden Gift Card / Glued to my Crafts $15 Lowe’s Gift Card / Kleinworth and Co. $15 Target Gift Card / Frenchie Wraps $15 JoAnn’s Gift Card / Simply Designing $15 Amazon Gift Card / Carissa Miss $15 Amazon Gift Card / Food Folks and Fun $15 Target Gift Card / Occasionally Crafty $15 Amazon Gift Card / Maybe I Will $15 iTunes Gift Card / Over the Big Moon $15 Pick Your Plum Gift Card / Yesterday on Tuesday $15 Amazon Gift Card / Housewife Eclectic $15 Amazon Gift Card / Our Thrifty Ideas $15 Pick Your Plum Gift Card / Gingersnap Crafts $15 JoAnn’s Gift Card / Pretty Providence $15 Target Gift Card / Crafting in the Rain $15 Panera Gift Card / Sister’s Suitcase Blog $15 Target Gift Card / DimplePrints $15 Lowe’s Gift Card / That’s What Che Said $15 Home Depot Gift Card / Twin Dragonfly Designs $15 Amazon Gift Card / Happiness is Homemade $15 Amazon Gift Card / The Baker Upstairs $15 World Market Gift Card / Blooming Homestead $15 Target Gift Card / Splendid Designs $15 Michaels Gift Card / Reasons to Skip the Housework $15 Target Gift Card / Giggles Galore $15 Michaels Gift Card / Raegun Ramblings $15 Amazon Gift Card / View from the Fridge $15 Chipotle Gift Card / Flats to Flip Flops $15 Old Navy Gift Card / Cooking with Crystal $15 Hobby Lobby Gift Card / Homemade Interest $15 Home Depot Gift Card / 100 Directions $15 Amazon Gift Card / 733 Blog $15 JoAnn’s Gift Card / Endlessly Inspired $15 Home Goods Gift Card / Here Comes the Sun $15 Target Gift Card / Bloom Designs $15 Michaels Gift Card / Strawberry Mommycakes $15 Pottery Barn Gift Card / Handmade in the Heartland $15 Amazon Gift Card / Wait til Your Father Gets Home $15 Amazon Gift Card / Mabey I Made It $15 Amazon Gift Card / Play Party Pin $15 Amazon Gift Card / Poofy Cheeks $15 Target Gift Card / Bombshell Bling $15 iTunes Gift Card / C.R.A.F.T. $15 Home Depot Gift Card / Gallamore West $15 Target Gift Card

AND on top of all those gift cards we have the following vendors participating…

wink and winn

$100 Credit to Design Your Own Handbag at Wink and Winn


$50 Credit to StitchFix where you can get your own personal stylist sending clothes to your door!


$25 to Pick Your Plum


Jamberry Nail Decals


Winner One: $645 worth of Gift Cards + $50 StitchFix Credit

Winner Two: $60 worth of Gift Cards + $100 Credit to Wink and Winn

Winner Three: $45 worth of Gift Cards + $25 to Pick Your Plum + Jamberry Nail Decals

Giveaway Details and Fine Print:

Giveaway begins 8/27 and ends 9/5 at 11:59 p.m.. Giveaway is open to U.S. residents only. Winners will be chosen by Rafflecopter and winning entries verified. If winning entry is not complete, prize will be voided and another winner will be chosen. Winners will be notified via email and have 48 hours to respond and claim their prize before a new winner is chosen. Gift cards are chosen by each individual blogger and are mailed out separately to the winner in increments of $15 per blogger. Winner may not choose what gift cards they receive as that is predetermined by the bloggers in advance. Winner will have to provide a valid mailing address and email address, which will be kept confidential, in order to claim their prizes from all parties involved. All individual blogs are responsible for fulfilling their own respective prizes and will have the gift card in the mail or through email to you within one week of verification of winning. Gift Cards are sent out in $15 increments. The Cards We Drew, nor any other blog, is not held liable for unfulfilled prizes from other bloggers and/or vendors involved with this giveaway and all associated with this giveaway are hereby not held liable for any issues with the winnings. Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram and not in ANY way involved with this giveaway and are hereby released of any responsibility or liability.

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FREE Printable Health Goal Tracker

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FREE Printable Health Tracker on #BalanceRewards #CollectiveBias #shop

If someone had asked me write a post about health advice two years ago, I would have laughed. I didn’t really have much to offer except “Carbs are yummy!” While that’s still true, I’ve started trying harder at making healthy choices this year. I’ve changed my exercise habits, eating habits and over all lifestyle habits and I feel great (that’s saying a lot since I’m 5 months pregnant!)

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FREE Printable Chore Chart

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FREE Printable Chore Chart on #CollectiveBias #shop #SparklySavings

My daughter is in Kindergarten and my son is three…so that means they can do the dishes right? When I say do the dishes, I mean rinse them off and stick them in the dishwasher. Because I don’t really trust them other wise. My dishes are kind of precious to me. They’re really into it and with  Finish dishwasher cleaner, it makes my job SOOOO much easier! It does help that I give them incentives with my FREE Printable Chore Chart.

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Dove® Chocolate Cranberry Trail Mix

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Dove Chocolate Cranberry Trail Mix #LoveDoveFruits  #shop

I have been posting a lot about Back to School snacks for kids, but I think moms and dads deserve a treat every now and then too, right? Since I’m pregnant, I also don’t want to overdo it with the sweets, so I’m looking for better for you desserts! This Dove® Chocolate Cranberry Trail Mix definitely hits the mark. Dove®’s new dark chocolate covered fruit is so delicious and it’s paired perfectly here with crunchy granola, salty sunflower seeds and walnuts. It’s so easy to make and you’ll have a snack to eat while you’re waiting in the school parking lot.

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Tour Through Blog Land!

I was invited by my friend Tara of Salt and Pepper Moms to do a Tour Through Blog Land with them…and I’ve known Tara for forever, so how could I refuse? Also, she and Devin are super talented, so you really need to check out their blog! I did a Brunch Buffet with them last year and it’s still one of my favorite parties! They write about pretty much everything, from food to fashion to DIY to home decor. Their fashion posts are my favorite…they have TONS of inspiration!

Tour through blogland on

Check out their Tour Through Blog Land Post to learn more about Salt and Pepper Moms!

Now a little about me:

Tour through blog land on

 What am I working on?

A million things at once. You know the saying that a woman’s mind is like having a million tabs open? That’s me. I want to do everything and sadly, I don’t have the time. Things that I’m actually going to get done? I’m doing a fun party this week (stay tuned…it’s going to be awesome) and I’m trying my hand at sculpting with clay. I’m making a shark sculpture for my office (you’ll understand it more when I post about it).

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I think I have a pretty eclectic style (that whole million tabs thing). My illustrations are usually really bright and bold! I also create really fun templates for parties, like my DinoMasks and Plane cupcake toppers! I see things in 2D in my head, but I can create some fun 3D printables!

Why do I write/create what I do?

Because otherwise I would die inside. I have always been creative. When I was young, I would sit in my room and write stories, paint, draw, write music…anything that was creative. My kids are really used to having the house torn apart from my creations. They think it’s a party everyday, so that’s fun!

How does your writing/creating process work?

I am a very visual person. While I am totally against copying someone’s art, I do get inspired by searching through artist’s blogs and websites. Sometimes a simple image search can get me thinking (although sometimes I end up finding things I DID NOT want to see!) I am also extremely addicted to Pinterest and I shop in Home Decor shops whenever I get the chance!

I know, I’m so deep, right? Anyway, enough about me…check out this amazing lady and her blog!

Tour through blog land on

I’m Lisa. I’m a wife, mom, friend, and attempter of crafts/DIY projects that decided to blog! I am hoping to use this blog as a way to share bits of my life with all two of you and would love to hear feedback and comments as well. I have a hard working, funny, smart and handsome husband and four sweet, crazy, sometimes naughty, always amazing kids that keep me super busy. So when I’m not out of my mind trying to keep up with them, I’m online looking for new ideas for my home or trying to find recipes that will please at least almost everyone in the house (I seriously give up on one of them…I won’t name names), trying to build a little jewelry business on the side and documenting it all on my blog, Undomesticated Bliss.


Preschool Watercolor Worksheets on

I have a very very very busy boy at home. Seriously, he’s crazy. If anyone wants to tell me he’s just a 3 year old boy, you are welcome to watch him and change your mind after 5 minutes. It’s hard to keep him busy or entertained without sticking him in front of the TV because he DOES NOT SIT DOWN. Ever. Well, this activity kept him busy for 30 whole minutes and I call that a major victory. You can find these Watercolor Activities for Preshoolers on I Heart Nap Time for FREE!

And, in other news…I think my 5 year old is trying to kill me slowly through stress. Her teacher said she’s doing really well listening in class now…BUT she got lost AGAIN when I went to pick her up. I seriously don’t know what to do besides hold her hand all day…but part of the reason why I put her in school now is because I want her to learn life lessons. I think I’m the one that’s learning.

I’ve also been sending her to school with a lunch everyday. I only wake up at the crack of dawn to get her and everything ready. She has been coming home with her lunch untouched. I thought she might be playing and not eating because she comes home and eats it. I just looked up her student account info and she has been eating the cafeteria food every day since school started!!!! So, I put money in her account and stopped making her lunch. At least there is a solution to that, right? She’s definitely got a mind of her own, that girl!

And, because I’m a graphic designer and this was fun…I designed a logo for my husband’s fake golf course. It’s actually a real golf course he put together for a work “team building” activity and I really liked the way it turned out. I’m used to making girly logos with cupcakes and cookies, so this was a fun change:


Usually when I do stuff like this for him, he is super picky and makes me change things, but he loved it! I finally figured out his style :)


FREE Super Hero Lunch Box Printables

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FREE Superhero Lunch Box Printables on #MyGoodLife  #shop

School has been in session for one week here and I am finally getting the hang of it! It was a rough start last week, but I’m hoping this week will be less stressful. The good news is that my daughter LOVES school! She’s always excited to go and she comes back happy (and tired) everyday! I think that lunch time is her favorite because she gets to see her friends from preschool. I decided to make lunch time extra special today with some cute FREE Superhero Lunch Box Printables.

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It’s a…


It's a Boy!

Before I get to the good stuff, I want to tell you a little story about my week. Because I’m pregnant and I feel like venting. This week has been kind of awful. I haven’t been sleeping because I’m starting to get uncomfortable. I am getting used to having my oldest in Kindergarten, but that transition was anything but smooth!

It's a Boy!

Monday, I thought she did really well. She was happy when I dropped her off and happy when I picked her up. Plus she had a really stylin’ First Day of School outfit. The next day, I get a call from her teacher telling me that she was being really defiant, so I was really annoyed all day that she wasn’t listening and causing problems on the 2nd day! Ugh! Seriously, my eye twitched the rest of the day.

So I get to school to pick her up, ready to give her a talk. I find her teacher but didn’t see Riley, so I asked her teacher where she was. She said, “She was just here!” So I try not to panic, which is really hard when you’re tired and pregnant. I looked up and down the pick up area and she is nowhere to be found. I look over by the buses and start to freak out that she might have gone on a bus. By this time, about 10 minutes have passed, her teacher has started looking for her and I start asking everyone else if they’ve seen her. I walk into the cafeteria, and ask someone if they’ve seen her and they say no and I turn around and she’s all happy playing with the extended stay kids. It was only about 15 minutes total, but it seemed like forever!

Needless to say, I spent the night worried about the safety of my child at school. They had a broken system, but they were really good about fixing it. They had one other girl that was lost for 30 minutes!!! So, now we have a system that works. By the end, I was worried that in the chaos someone had taken my child and now we can go into the classroom and pick them up. It’s nice for Kindergartners that don’t know what the heck they’re doing. I did end up having the not listening talk with Riley once I calmed down because that was part of the problem. I haven’t gotten any calls since, so I’m hoping it worked…wish me luck!

So, yeah, crappy week of worry, stress, no sleep. This morning I had my ultrasound to look forward to! I asked Riley if she wanted a baby boy or girl and she said, “Baby girl, please Mommy, can I have a baby girl?” Well, not under my control at this point because it’s a

It's a Boy!

BOY!!! I brought balloons to school to lessen the blow and it worked! She got even more excited about seeing the ultrasound pictures than the balloons, so that made everything SOOOOO much better this week! She’s going to be so great with the baby. Max, I’m a little worried he might love him to death, but I’ll keep a close eye on the little monster!

If you haven’t started school yet, you can download the First Day of School printable sign HERE!